Saturday Strolls

I felt a little bad that I did not join the festivities in the dorm competitions, however I needed some quiet time for myself this afternoon.

Very little was accomplished. Reading. Readying some applications for employment.

Went out shopping with my brother. And honestly it was a long walk that I needed. Though I think I’m good with spending time with him for a while. Meaning I need some quiet space, maybe make room for new people. I’m not feeling the derogatory bug right now.

I’m just feeling friendly and kind and mature…I suppose?

Even though he fed me…still need some me time to reflect and be productive where I need to.

A lot of kind girls in my dorm this time around. Very friendly in posting on my white board on my door. Perhaps I’ll start taking pics of it. 🙂

Memories to be made. Things to accomplish. ❤


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