Unproductive Mondays

I love it. I hate it. In the midst of the beginning of the semester, I can take full advantage of it.

However with this week, though, I need to be on my game to stay ahead. Tonight I’ll be focusing on getting files organized, looking over my icebreakers for tomorrow’s class. As well, I’ll be readying for whatever comes from my senior project class in the evening.

It’s all simple, so I’m not worried.

Been vegging, hunting for pots and pans to no success. However, I’ve found food deals on Amazon that may be worth it than hunting for food at the stores when I don’t have time.

Rather, what I need to hunt for is a good place to get a haircut. /:

With two cups of tea downed, and soup and snacks in my belly. I’ll continue to veg on some shows that keep my spirits lifted and mind inspired.

Productivity will come. ❤


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