Sunday Storyboard Completion

Redid my storyboard. And while not the best, it’s concise, full of snippets rather than elongated animation sequences, and I can more likely finish it.

If not, it can be edited.

A friend brought me coffee this evening. And he just wouldn’t leave. However I’m not surprised. He’s drunk flirted with me before. (Sigh.)

Had too much to eat today- but all healthier things. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches will always be some of my favorites. ❤

Best friend was stressed out in public today. Wish I could be out there to help- bring or bake something and binge on movies and girl time. But alas that cannot be for now.

I dunno. But life’s a’ight. Always a day at a time on my end. Three months and 6 days to do, yeah?


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