Sunday Progression

I managed to start animating. Little tiny pieces. However I am managing to get it started.

Otherwise? Some laundry. Some yoga. Plenty of pizza and nerding out on many things. 🙂

Other homework hasn’t become a prerogative yet. Neither have internship applications. But a day at a time, yeah?

I also am quite aware of what it is. September 11th. I remember it well. My dad was on his way to Boston the same morning it happened.

Luckily he was okay. Came to die later on, but that’s a matter not in tune with the event that shook the world in such a cold, terrible way.

There are no words to discuss it. To say. All has already been said. “We will never forget” is a lie of a slogan- one that as the newer generations come into this world, will not be able to understand the severity and the horror as it happened, and the events that proceeded it.

My alarm has been set for 10am. I will be productive. I will do yoga. I will be up and going with the day. ❤



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