Tiresome Tuesday

I enjoy my first class, the one I’m teaching.

But senior project? I’m struggling to remember why I need to do this, why it matters. I’m so tired and it’s so loud in there. Not to mention I may-or-may-not have an assignment revamp due tomorrow, as well as a recording of it (which is total bullshit and I’m not at ALL comfortable with it).

I’m tired and I ate too much and I regret it and I have a nagging headache.

I’m done done DONE with this day. And this month.

December is all I want. To go home, find peace and quiet, and try and figure out the direction my life wants to go- in the comforts outside of academia and pressure and obnoxious little brats who are all over 20 years of age.

I’m venting. I’m ranting. I hate it. But I’m absolutely grumpy.

At least I’m getting back to frequent yoga…


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