Cardio and Burned Fingers

Did cardio. I win. 😀

Today was a quiet kind of day. I spent most of it recovering from my workout, sleeping in after having an awful time trying to fall asleep (probably around 4am, thanks to the morons upstairs), then showered and cooked; all in-between trying to understand a lesson I’m to teach in about two weeks.

Animating got backburnered. And I meant to do it after I cooked some soup to last me for several days; but burned the ring finger on my right hand (the dominant one; I’m right handed), and it stings trying to bend right now.

So tomorrow I’ll be doing laundry and yoga and animating…maybe do some dancing because why not?

Brother needs help texturing his assignment in the basic 3D course, so I’ll lend a hand. (Might get free coffee out of it toooo.)

I’ve changed the username on my instagram account. It just doesn’t feel right currently tying it with my art account. And I’m about to start creating “professional” items and outlets with my real name, in hopes of garnering myself some credibility.

All in all, okay day. Feel great for working out like I did. 🙂 And happy I’m not overly-pressured with my lesson I need to do. (But apparently I need to purchase ANOTHER pair of slacks. Grrr…)


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