A Day of Meetings

All. Day. Long.

It was exhausting. However three more scenes of mine have been relined, and most of my paperwork for applying for one internship is complete.

Still have a lesson to put together.

But I believe the lack of diversity among USA politics right now can cover diversity itself. We’re in an era where the few are represented on the grand scale. I believe it’s a topic worth talking about; making claims for neither party, but understanding the whole of the situation we millennials are left to take on while the aged continue to wreak havoc and divide us.

Perhaps I’m reaching.

But everyone I’ve talked to have agreed the topic has merit, and it matches one instructor’s look at a lack of diversity and the struggle a specific group faces.

Try we the people. We the young people. We of the generation breaking gender roles and expectations of careers, borders, and boundaries.

We are the next voice and seat. All the damage done falls to us, as they continue dividing us. Not all have succumbed, and I hope to see that the majority do not.

(Also still don’t have my voter registration card. Sigh.)


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