Election, 2016

I was nervous throughout the day.

I never expected to end my day in fear.

I wasn’t fortunate enough to have my voter registration in time to vote. The state in which I reside did vote for Clinton.

But to the dismay of many, wondering across the board what happened, we’re looking at reign of Donald Trump for four years.

An orange colored man, a sexist and racist Vice President, holding one of the most powerful positions in the first world.

And I see a select few people I know cheering; celebrating how a crook didn’t win. But they have no idea the damage done.

I’ve been on a tirade all across Facebook- posts ranging from fear and anger and more fear, to posts how Americans shouldn’t lose hope and that the sun will still rise and shine on us. And how we’ll unite together and fight for each other against whatever the government might throw our way.

I’m so beyond depressed I’m not functioning right. I drank four or so beers throughout part of it. Was not sober. Could still function well.

My two best friends are looking to grab their passports.

Two of us are terrified among the three. The other is worried, and trying to keep me afloat. I don’t know how to be afloat.

I’m drowning. As is so much of this country. And the globe is shaken and concerned.

We’ve damaged us.

We’ve divided us.

I’m livid. I respect a right to vote.

That doesn’t mean I don’t have the right to be livid and rage and scream and cry and break apart as I watch my world crumble ever more. My rights as a woman. The rights of my gay/lesbian friends. The rights of the rising transgender populace. The rights of all color. The rights of immigrants. The asylum of Muslims fleeing their homes.

What have we fucking done?


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