Slow Sunday (with Skype!)

Best friend dragged me into a group Skype session. It’s rather sad when I don’t even have energy for that.

Or to Skype one on one with her after.

My linework is predominantly done, however.

And then I’m a bit insulted she wanted me to text her. Then didn’t text me really after.

I dunno. This…plan they have. It’s fantastic, yet I feel…barred in by it. I’m hoping that’s a side effect from stress and levels of depression.

Otherwise my intuition is saying “don’t do it”.

When did I, eccentric and slightly erratic in plans and dreams, become practical and analytically thoughtful on the matter?

I digress. Avoiding Facebook now entirely.

People don’t care. People are terrible. And I’m still being poked my someone on there. (Literally- Facebook’s poke feature.)

26 days to go. I’m royally fucked. Moving files/copying them over. Coloring all day tomorrow. And Tuesday.

Maybe I just won’t go to class that evening.

We’ll see.


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