Charmed Another

That was unexpected and not.

Been in a poke war for days now. Just over a week, on Facebook. (I’m lurking more than anything.)

Another Virgo. Not a bad man at all. He went to the same high school as I had. He’s treated me well.

I have my reservations about people right now. I have my reservations about Virgos, too. Mostly I don’t feel stable to communicate with anyone outside of my teeny tiny circle of people in the current state of…well…my days? my life?

Whatever. Fact remaining, I’ve drawn another in. This time he’s older than I am! (Wut?)

Usually they’re younger. Almost always they’ve been younger, by at least edging in close to a year.

I’m still not enthralled right now with people. I’ve no interest in dating, either. Not with graduation approaching. Or with me trying to figure out life.

Anyone interjecting anything right now is put under a list of heads I’d love to sock.

I digress. (I say this way, way too often.)

I just…feel far too tired for only being 24 years old. Mistreated. Stepped on. Disrespected. Expected to be or do whatever it is people interject my way.

No wonder I stopped caring about so much.

What I would love, however, to know- is why Virgo. I’m an Aquarius so deeply influenced by Capricorn, my stubbornness is unmatched save for the absolute ignorant.

I’m at a loss. Honestly I’m at such a loss right now. I give handed too much at the worst possible times I swear.

Tomorrow perhaps things will be clear over a cup of coffee with two friends.


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