Long Time No See!

So, happy new year!

It’s been over one full year, since I left this page behind. And while I’m not back, I do have some news to share.

A brand new blog page, set up just for me and life-hood rambling. It’s part of a self-campaign to motivate myself and keep on track of a myriad of…well, of things. This last year has really knocked me off my game, of which I’m just now beginning to pull myself back together, I think. (I’ll spare most of the details from everyone- they’ll likely be brought up over time in my new page!)

I haven’t been drawing. Practicing. Writing. Yoga. Nothing.

I did well work-out wise up until an injury in my neck/shoulder/collarbone put me out of total commission.
Politics, though, and post-graduation depression kicked me down and kept me there, though, in constant reoccurring bouts all throughout 2017.

So, 2018 I’m making my year. Rejuvenation, healing, and personal pressed progress.

Should any of you still be following this page, I’d love to have each and every one of you join me on my new journey unto myself, my prowess, and some deeply needed soul-searching and realistic exploration to my faults and where I can improve, well, myself.

Here’s the link. Go ahead, click it!

I’ll likely continue to edit the absolute hell out of the page, but I’m sure it won’t deter from anyone’s ability to navigate their way.

Welcome back! 🙂 I can’t wait to see what this year brings. And for you to join me for the roller coaster I’m sure it’ll be. That’s the adventure, though- isn’t it?


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