Running Around

Honestly all I did. (So much for that homework, yeah?)

Food for Thursday.

Decorations to annoy my brother figure.

Me eating too much- but hey, protein?

A burrito for tomorrow saved.

And…yeah. I have a hair appointment at 10am tomorrow. I have copious amounts of homework still to do. And my mouth and tonsils hurt. I think allergies and the super hot burrito I had for lunch did me in.

Shouldn’t feel this heavy, but that’s probably the exhaustion kicking in. Will finish this cup and then crawl into bed for some rest.

Two weeks until this project is due. But hey- all of my clothes are here now?


I Need Shoes

I had five meetings today.

My allergies are kicking in and yuck.

And I need shoes and leggings for my graduation. Help?

(Still processing and pulling away from Facebook.)

(I’m also not getting into politics right now. Or doing homework.)

Shoes. On sale? Help? :c


All I’ve got for now.

Just…hectic. Lots to do. A lesson to give tomorrow. (But I was foolish and never asked for advice or submitted my [last minute] presentation.)

So I’ll wing it.

And what comes, is what comes. I can only go for it with the best of intentions.

And receive a good night’s sleep.

This cough is getting worse. But so far, I’m at peace with everything else. Mayhem left and right.

But all will level out. ❤

Tired and Triggered

Well, probably shouldn’t put that. But whatever.

Teacher didn’t meet up with me during class like he said he would. I wasted my time.

Rushing through to get everything done. I swear it just doesn’t end.

I’m exhausted. And this cough is getting worse. Doubt it’ll peak like it did back in February.

Gorging tea and coffee. All I can do.

Wish me luck!


If anyone watched the debate, they understand what I’m talking about.

What a ludicrous disgrace they’ve turned out to be. I shudder to think either of them could be our next president.


Advice given was good. Dorm check went smoothly.

Coughing is getting worse. I’m tired of allergies. And they’ve really only just begun.

It’s been a bizarre day. Really, it truly has.

Tiny Steps

Still recovering. Getting pieces done. Everything will be accomplished.

No appetite. Forcing myself to eat. We got pizza again today.

Was yummy. 😀

Early wake up call in the morning. Then everything to do. Gonna plow through what I can tonight. Laundry tomorrow. Oops.

Dammit all.

And one of my teeth hurts. Lovely. I need to lay off sugar.



Nope. Just nope. I’m tired. I’m done. I couldn’t roll out of bed until 1pm, proceeded to feel awful and needing to get EVERYTHING done, and nothing was accomplished.

Allergies have moved from tonsils to sinuses, and chest. It feels like sandpaper is starting to scratch away the tissue.

I’m fed up with academia. It’s a privilege I’m glad I’ve gotten to indulge in. (Yes, privilege. It’s corrupt and costs way too much money in the States.) However, it’s not entirely for me.

I like broad spectrums and critical thinking. I love the open-endedness of almost all factors and ways of approach to most subjects and thoughts.

So while I feel like crap, not getting anything done, my mind does so wander.

I’ve no desire to end up just one place. Not now, perhaps not ever. I’ve yet to find a place to settle down in, with a knowing smile and softened brown eyes that just scream “I’m home.”

Wanderlust. Curiosity. Unsettled desire straight down to the core to pack my bags and go where the winds of life say I need to be.

I fit in nowhere. So far. And what awaits is endless, so long as I keep my hand outstretched for something or someone to pull me another direction.

Or so it will be, once I’m done in December.

I’ll talk about college later this year, most likely around my graduation or shortly after. The ups and downs, my experience(s), and what I’ve gained from it all.

Until then, I’ll be sipping tea, mentally wondering about tomorrow while today still needs all of my attention. Typical, no?

Friday Allergies

Mine are kicking me in the ass.

So I’m washing sheets. Getting nothing done. But hey- an assignment was turned in, and Monday morning I have an appointment to talk to one of my past instructors.

So here I am, widdling away time I don’t have again, feeling like shit and questioning choices left and right.

It could be entirely worse- but my health took a turn come the afternoon.

At least I’m getting pizza tomorrow.

And hopefully my soup is still okay. Probably now. I’m so bad about this goodness me…

October starts my challenge with my best friend in getting healthier.

I do believe I’ll also start livestreaming come December or the new year. I hope I’ll get to. I think it’ll be fun.

Two cups of tea down tonight. How many more will I dare?

Tiresome Tuesday

I enjoy my first class, the one I’m teaching.

But senior project? I’m struggling to remember why I need to do this, why it matters. I’m so tired and it’s so loud in there. Not to mention I may-or-may-not have an assignment revamp due tomorrow, as well as a recording of it (which is total bullshit and I’m not at ALL comfortable with it).

I’m tired and I ate too much and I regret it and I have a nagging headache.

I’m done done DONE with this day. And this month.

December is all I want. To go home, find peace and quiet, and try and figure out the direction my life wants to go- in the comforts outside of academia and pressure and obnoxious little brats who are all over 20 years of age.

I’m venting. I’m ranting. I hate it. But I’m absolutely grumpy.

At least I’m getting back to frequent yoga…

Documents Found

Well, digital versions anyway. I’d say that counts- no?

Anyway fighting through a headache. Currently hearing hounds howling, coyotes yowling, sirens blaring, and various other dogs barking in response.

Mom decided to throw a fit at me tonight anyway. More of because I was reluctant to make her pot of coffee if she fell asleep. While I was dragging my heels, she finally threw a tantrum rivaling my capabilities.

It’s not uncommon. She likes to say she doesn’t. Or that I’m wrong.

I love my mother, truly I do. But she’s a hypocrite. The older she gets, the worse it becomes.

So I’m sitting here in my room, about to grab my tea and chill in here. My window’s open. I just showered.

And the Scorpio’s back to talking to me. I’m either incredibly bored, or a terrible person. Of which I cannot decide between the two. However should he desire to grab coffee when I return to that college town, who am I to reject him this time? If nothing else it will get me out for a time.

Meanwhile I’m shaking my head, dealing with an ongoing headache. I’m just tired. And allergy riddled. And always surrounded by the same routine of hypocrisy no matter where I manage to venture.