Disorganized, and Getting Crap For It

So I didn’t sleep well.

My freshmen didn’t sleep well. And I get some crap tossed my way because I wasn’t encouraging them to get set up by their instructor. Regardless she wouldn’t listen to the fact I was talking with one about registration. Regardless that the class wasn’t listening to me.

I’m so glad I’m done with that class. Good luck, freshmen. Some of you are going to have a bad time being an adult if you don’t change your attitudes or behaviors.

Grabbed coffee with two friends. Turned into beer with one after. (I needed it…)

Not boding well with someone finding me attractive right now. I’m just not. I’m shutting down due to everything I need to do, still. On everything I’m working on. On life. On stress.

I’m burned out. To make matters worse, a friend is going to see a movie we agreed to see together, without me.

He said we’d see it (him, again) when I got back.

But it’s the same damn thing. All the time, the same damn thing.

When will I learn. I just can’t get anything right, apparently.

Oh 2017, please bring me clarity and guidance in where I need to go and be.



Small things. Just tired.

And being asked to do so damn much.

Grabbed beer and tacos, though.

I know I swore off the alcohol- but it was for celebrating the fact I’ve purchased my graduation cap, gown, and chord.

So close. Almost there. 🙂

Beer. More Beer. Now Stop Hitting On Me

That was the evening. Didn’t have to go to class. So did some homework.Then decided beer was a good choice.

Potential regrets. Drunk men are idiotic.

I may have been obnoxious at one point. And if so the poor people around. I think I was okay for the most part though…

I think. Hope.

Love beer, but downing four in three hours is probably not a good idea.

Well damn.

I’m going to be swearing off all drinks by the end of Friday. Sorry friends coming to town. I’m becoming old. Ha.

Amazon Wishlists

I went to a guest speaker following my one class. It was dull, dreary, so much a scam and so terribly set up- Public Relations just aren’t my cup of tea.

Sweeping up things that go wrong under the rug, and having the audacity to say it’s a shame bad things come to happen. You and companies like you feed on this, your entire reason is to sweep it under the rug with vague positive answers.

I digress. The food was weird too. Odd pizzas. Fancy pizzas just aren’t my cup of tea…


Went out for beer and wings.

However I’m currently on a tight budget. PS4, new TV, a new computer at some point…

All take precedence and priority… Hahaaaa. Must be good. Must be good…!

Wish me luck. 😉

Official Coffee Addict

And too much food.

And coffee.

And I need to stop. But life and trying to balance it all and I don’t work out nearly enough and I have mild anxiety and…

And, I need to learn to breathe. Life is messy and hard and I never understand what it is I’m doing but good lord I need to remember that that doesn’t really matter.

Myself. My health. Those are important.

I regret eating that much. And that coffee following dinner.

But the beer was a good idea. 😀


Meaning yesterday (Tuesday). Meaning my degree check is in the clear and I’m on a roll to graduate!

So we celebrated.

My one evening class will be dicey. More so because people are rude, the students themselves thinking they have it all figured out when they don’t.

So rather than dwell, hit the pub for a beer and food. As good a reason as any to celebrate. 🙂

I’m on a roll!

Plus classes are going alright. Yesterday was good. Teaching is going good. I’m well liked and have the capability to finish with flying colors.

I’m excited. 🙂