All day. Kinda.

Meanwhile not going to class (it was a lab/studio day, anyway.) And trying to get things done.

14 shots with one color added.

I’ll get there. Just might take all week.

And my dorm check went fine.

And my heater stopped working.



Wednesday’s Surprises

Things went calm and smooth comparatively to Tuesday.

Mellow morning class. Followed by surprise pizza in the next. (Should have taken the free coffee and donut, not bought a bagel and coffee. Dammit.)

It was a mellow day all in all though. Felt less awful afterwards. But having stayed up the entire night preceding it, I napped for a while after classes.

Free pizza. That was totally unexpected.

Homework Not Complete, Otherwise Productive!

As title states, I did not get to my homework. But I did start working out.

They had to replace my faucet on my sink. So that was a wake up call I wasn’t enthusiastic about.

And so I was unproductive. But hey- lots of water, soup, coffee, yoga, and some cardio. I’d say parts of the day weren’t too bad. 😉

Napping Away

I napped the afternoon away when classes were done.

Hypocritical, two-faced cunt.

Sorry, had to say it. One instructor is annoying as all hell. The class is bogus.

I don’t like being used as propaganda. Especially when it’s a moot point.

I digress. So I napped. Felt sick all day anyway. And tack on not eating properly, and I was in for a long day and night anyway.

So much to do. I don’t want to drink copiously this weekend. Grr.

I Must Be Mad

Still floundering to get things done.

I don’t have time. I have friends coming Friday. I have papers due Wednesday. I’m currently trying to animate and it’s not where I need it to be. Oh, I’ll get it all done. But I might snap at this rate.

Tack on the fact Panda Express charged an account I didn’t want them to, and I can assure you my night has not been stellar.

I’ll continue to plow through. Tomorrow will prove either I’m accomplished or a force to be reckoned with.

Too much to do. I need more coffee. I need a vacation. I need this dread to leave me be.

Alas. I’m not so fortunate.

So I’ll be crazed as I try and finish.

Oh joy.

Small Increments

Very little accomplished. But ordered pizza, watched movies. Started editing a paper- and it again has me realizing I don’t know what to do with my life.

I’m fine with this.

My instructor might not be so thrilled.

I can’t even name someone in the industry I idolize. Then again, I never approached my degree in such a manner.


Well, things will be accomplished as they are meant to be, I s’pose.

Went for a coffee run. Tasty. Tasted like autumn. Even though it’s still crazy warm here, the air itself doesn’t quite feel the same. ❤

October is officially here.


All I’ve got for now.

Just…hectic. Lots to do. A lesson to give tomorrow. (But I was foolish and never asked for advice or submitted my [last minute] presentation.)

So I’ll wing it.

And what comes, is what comes. I can only go for it with the best of intentions.

And receive a good night’s sleep.

This cough is getting worse. But so far, I’m at peace with everything else. Mayhem left and right.

But all will level out. ❤

Tired and Triggered

Well, probably shouldn’t put that. But whatever.

Teacher didn’t meet up with me during class like he said he would. I wasted my time.

Rushing through to get everything done. I swear it just doesn’t end.

I’m exhausted. And this cough is getting worse. Doubt it’ll peak like it did back in February.

Gorging tea and coffee. All I can do.

Wish me luck!