Clean Kitchen


For baking tomorrow.

Still doesn’t feel like the holidays. But the chill and mom being home helps. ❤


Fighting the Intruders

Well we caught one mouse in a trap.

And disposed of it eventually. We mopped the floors with Pine Sol, after vacuuming all mouse crap we could find.

Tomorrow I’ll set up my PS4.

And hopefully no more nagging from one of the “friends” who came to my graduation.

A Day

A Saturday. Our football team finally beat the only in-state rivalry we have. I got some cleaning done.

I figured out the layout (to an extent) for two programs I’m using.

Did I work out? Well, no…

But pizza was on sale today in honor of the football game today.

And Kingsglaive is an amazing movie. The animation is fantastic. The effects are fantastic. The premise was well written, in comparison to writing nowadays.

I’m highly impressed and am as stoked as ever for Final Fantasy XV to release. (Just need a PS4…)

Anyway. Day was a day. And one of the girls living across from me is hoping I’ll take her under my wings, seeing as I’m older and she’s quite enthusiastic that my favorite band is hers.

So a day indeed.