I’ve only been doing homework. Small workouts in my chair, and had a meal full of protein and fruit this morning. (And so much coffee).

But on Facebook (yes I know I need to stay off that damned site), there were livestreams of the Dakota Access Pipeline “protests”. (More like a protective group over the indigenous and the water being put in harms way.)

It was bloody terrible. It was a fucking horrible thing to watch for hours.

Find Kevin Gilbertt’s video coverage on Facebook. (If they’re still there- if not, go to YouTube and Twitter).

It was so terrible to see. 😦

What a mess.


Disorganized, and Getting Crap For It

So I didn’t sleep well.

My freshmen didn’t sleep well. And I get some crap tossed my way because I wasn’t encouraging them to get set up by their instructor. Regardless she wouldn’t listen to the fact I was talking with one about registration. Regardless that the class wasn’t listening to me.

I’m so glad I’m done with that class. Good luck, freshmen. Some of you are going to have a bad time being an adult if you don’t change your attitudes or behaviors.

Grabbed coffee with two friends. Turned into beer with one after. (I needed it…)

Not boding well with someone finding me attractive right now. I’m just not. I’m shutting down due to everything I need to do, still. On everything I’m working on. On life. On stress.

I’m burned out. To make matters worse, a friend is going to see a movie we agreed to see together, without me.

He said we’d see it (him, again) when I got back.

But it’s the same damn thing. All the time, the same damn thing.

When will I learn. I just can’t get anything right, apparently.

Oh 2017, please bring me clarity and guidance in where I need to go and be.

Charmed Another

That was unexpected and not.

Been in a poke war for days now. Just over a week, on Facebook. (I’m lurking more than anything.)

Another Virgo. Not a bad man at all. He went to the same high school as I had. He’s treated me well.

I have my reservations about people right now. I have my reservations about Virgos, too. Mostly I don’t feel stable to communicate with anyone outside of my teeny tiny circle of people in the current state of…well…my days? my life?

Whatever. Fact remaining, I’ve drawn another in. This time he’s older than I am! (Wut?)

Usually they’re younger. Almost always they’ve been younger, by at least edging in close to a year.

I’m still not enthralled right now with people. I’ve no interest in dating, either. Not with graduation approaching. Or with me trying to figure out life.

Anyone interjecting anything right now is put under a list of heads I’d love to sock.

I digress. (I say this way, way too often.)

I just…feel far too tired for only being 24 years old. Mistreated. Stepped on. Disrespected. Expected to be or do whatever it is people interject my way.

No wonder I stopped caring about so much.

What I would love, however, to know- is why Virgo. I’m an Aquarius so deeply influenced by Capricorn, my stubbornness is unmatched save for the absolute ignorant.

I’m at a loss. Honestly I’m at such a loss right now. I give handed too much at the worst possible times I swear.

Tomorrow perhaps things will be clear over a cup of coffee with two friends.

Saturday Wasted Away

Honestly I don’t have much to say beyond that.

Introspectively processing and contemplating.

My poor senior project. It’s doomed to be a botched mess. However, I’m content so long as I get it working and functioning and turned in on time, I’ve no qualms as to the quality of it. I’ll have time post graduation to make better work. On my own time.

Oh well.

Had coffee with a friend.

Also getting poked on Facebook by kind of friend. How bizarre.

Homework? Productive? Ha!

So to put into perspective- I woke up with a massive headache. You know- the type with a pulse? Yeah. One of those. So I remained in bed for hours. Finally crawled out sometime after 1pm my time.

Proceeded to hunt down coffee, curse out the wind for inducing such a headache.

Brother then appeared later. We grabbed food. More coffee. And rewatched Silent Hill.

Is it bad that I find the character of Pyramid Head a fascinating study?

I have a goal, post graduation; while trying to find work/internships, I’ll be doing character studies on several monster characters; faced in video games more likely, but whatever catches my eye. Break down of the body. Of the character itself.

I’m excited!

Tired, Meeting- But Hey, A New Pen!

Had to schedule a meeting to go over how to apply for one of the internships I’m after.

It went okay. The coffee was terrible. Tasted like Keurig crap- and concentrated coffee is a big fat NOPE in my book.

But my pen came. Charged it. And it works just fine. ❤

Took a reprieve. Been watching Good Girls Revolt. If you have Amazon Prime, I do suggest you check it out!

Took a rest. It was necessary.

Thursday Meetings

All afternoon proceeding the class I’m aiding in.

I was such a bitch to one freshman- but he deserved it. Made him log into a computer rather than use his phone.

Otherwise it was smooth going. Getting lesson done. Getting things done. So little sleep though.

My diet consists of coffee nowadays. Sometimes healthy. Sometimes not.

I need to start doing yoga. Come Sunday I will.

Homework Not Complete, Otherwise Productive!

As title states, I did not get to my homework. But I did start working out.

They had to replace my faucet on my sink. So that was a wake up call I wasn’t enthusiastic about.

And so I was unproductive. But hey- lots of water, soup, coffee, yoga, and some cardio. I’d say parts of the day weren’t too bad. 😉