We Have Mice

We drove home today.

And came home to a couch hoarding rice.

We have a fucking mouse. Or mice.

I just can’t catch a break.


Regret That Choice

My teacher got my files. Told me congrats.

My mom’s been a huge help with packing me up.

My “friends” came to town, and I’d rather ship them home.

I’ll elaborate tomorrow.

I hurt. I’m tired. I have a long day ahead.

And I’m feeling a bit empty. I’ve moved out of my dorm…

And I already miss that crappy little space.


I had class.

Last minute, we had to attend portfolio development.

It irks me, because it was a last minute heads up that we did indeed have class. I’m so tired, so this wasn’t fun.

Proceeded to do homework…by procrastinating and then simply finding games for the freshmen to play on Thursday. It’s a funny feeling, that tomorrow will be the last day I see them.

Let’s face it- I’m attached to a few. And I wish for them all the luck and good fortune to shine their way.

Otherwise, I’m dead tired. And so much to do.

Here’s to hoping for a C if nothing else…

But hey- I’m almost done with Downton Abbey?

Tired and Trying

Too tired. But hey- I’m getting things done.

My evening class I was barely functioning by the end. My instructor is no longer pressing me- I get it’s due to me not showcasing. But I just have too much going on, and I’m exhausted, and I do not feel like talking to people I don’t know, about a project I’ve lost heart in.

I also apologize for short entries. I’m tired, and busy. I’m binging on Downton Abbey, because I need something to pick me up a bit right now.

I’ll elaborate a bit more later this week. 🙂

Stars in Orion

It’s been a long day.

And I’m tired, quiet, and irritated.

Boys (no offense to my readers, but hear me out)- I swear they do not have the capacity to think sometimes. We had about 6 things to cook today, me and two friends were together for the holiday.

And I had to nag and nag at them to get it done.

The ham was meh. Not great. Not awful, not great.

My cider was excellent, as were my potatoes and the cheesecake my brother and I made.

Good news- I can indeed cook…when not given questionable items. 😉

Now, however, I’m rather tired.

But on the way back, above all, what made my day/night spectacular; was not the food, nor the games. It was in the cold, watching the stars zip by among the constellation of Orion. Falling stars, shooting stars- meteors, even.

For once the stars were clear in this large town.

It brought about a calm within me. 🙂

Happy Thanksgiving. ❤

Charmed Another

That was unexpected and not.

Been in a poke war for days now. Just over a week, on Facebook. (I’m lurking more than anything.)

Another Virgo. Not a bad man at all. He went to the same high school as I had. He’s treated me well.

I have my reservations about people right now. I have my reservations about Virgos, too. Mostly I don’t feel stable to communicate with anyone outside of my teeny tiny circle of people in the current state of…well…my days? my life?

Whatever. Fact remaining, I’ve drawn another in. This time he’s older than I am! (Wut?)

Usually they’re younger. Almost always they’ve been younger, by at least edging in close to a year.

I’m still not enthralled right now with people. I’ve no interest in dating, either. Not with graduation approaching. Or with me trying to figure out life.

Anyone interjecting anything right now is put under a list of heads I’d love to sock.

I digress. (I say this way, way too often.)

I just…feel far too tired for only being 24 years old. Mistreated. Stepped on. Disrespected. Expected to be or do whatever it is people interject my way.

No wonder I stopped caring about so much.

What I would love, however, to know- is why Virgo. I’m an Aquarius so deeply influenced by Capricorn, my stubbornness is unmatched save for the absolute ignorant.

I’m at a loss. Honestly I’m at such a loss right now. I give handed too much at the worst possible times I swear.

Tomorrow perhaps things will be clear over a cup of coffee with two friends.

Slow Sunday (with Skype!)

Best friend dragged me into a group Skype session. It’s rather sad when I don’t even have energy for that.

Or to Skype one on one with her after.

My linework is predominantly done, however.

And then I’m a bit insulted she wanted me to text her. Then didn’t text me really after.

I dunno. This…plan they have. It’s fantastic, yet I feel…barred in by it. I’m hoping that’s a side effect from stress and levels of depression.

Otherwise my intuition is saying “don’t do it”.

When did I, eccentric and slightly erratic in plans and dreams, become practical and analytically thoughtful on the matter?

I digress. Avoiding Facebook now entirely.

People don’t care. People are terrible. And I’m still being poked my someone on there. (Literally- Facebook’s poke feature.)

26 days to go. I’m royally fucked. Moving files/copying them over. Coloring all day tomorrow. And Tuesday.

Maybe I just won’t go to class that evening.

We’ll see.