All I’ve got for now.

Just…hectic. Lots to do. A lesson to give tomorrow. (But I was foolish and never asked for advice or submitted my [last minute] presentation.)

So I’ll wing it.

And what comes, is what comes. I can only go for it with the best of intentions.

And receive a good night’s sleep.

This cough is getting worse. But so far, I’m at peace with everything else. Mayhem left and right.

But all will level out. ❤


Home Again; Cracking Thunder

I came back home around 12:30pm today. Overheard a phone conversation from a friend, not sure how I feel about her situation. Not sure of the details. But it was something that perked my hearing to tune in to.


Came home. Still feeling queasy. Puking last night was not fun. I don’t know why I did in such quantity. I barely drank. And dinner had sat well beforehand by hours.

My concentration is so-so today, too. And I was having issues feeling well even after I ate. Cheese crackers proved to settle my stomach all the way, though.

Chores were begun. And then it started to storm (following my shower three hours beforehand.)

So I made the great judgement call of washing grapes (black ones- not bad, a little bland though), in the midst of an entire storm raging.

My intelligence is questionable sometimes.

About to down my third cup of tea. Allergies still won’t let go. At least I have clean bedsheets tonight. ❤

And momma made me soup. With a wheat bagel to accompany it.

I have good friends who were willing to house me for the week, I believe. And a momma that knows just what I need sometimes. 🙂

Life’s pretty good.

Long Day Of Pettiness

That’s all there is to it. Today was absolutely atrocious. Stupid coworkers, and no one listening all day.

And by stupid, I mean immature adults who through mini temper tantrums because, due to their own faults, were put on a form of suspension at work. Still working- just didn’t get to do the fun aspects this week.

Meanwhile I got paid for the extra two and a half hours I worked on Tuesday; was only expecting to be paid for two, not the half. 🙂

No word from him. Respiratory issues still going. Napped rather than called my tattoo guy. Oh well. I still have time.

Meanwhile here I am, feeling the day kicking me still.

It’s been a long, long day. And my voice is going, again.

So more medicinal tea and honey for me. (Gettin’ real tired of this taste…)

Cleaning Out

That’s what I’m doing on my social media.

Namely, eliminating aspects of him.

It’s not that I’m angry or holding a grudge. I just refuse to keep filth in my life after a point.

So as I sip away at my medicinal tea, I’m deleting pieces and baggage and anything toxic.

That includes deleting him from Facebook, too. Skype and other social media? I’ll keep him on there until January 1st. Then I’m eliminating any ties we had. Blocking is a beautiful feature, no?

Anyway- yes, more medicinal teas. Respiratory problems still transpiring, unfortunately.

Work was…interesting. Broke a thumb nail. And I still need to fill out an evaluation for work. Some people are in trouble- and just now my boss is doing something about it.

He’s a sweet man. But sometimes the efficiency I wonder about… He is busy, though…so I’ll do as instructed and I’ll continue to keep my head low and my game winning by utilizing the sweetness card.

So cleaning out. Two more days of work. And respiratory problems.

I’m feeling alright about all of this. 🙂

Anger. Work. And A Respiratory Tea

Coworkers piss me off. Usurping me and taking what I’ve been hired to do from out underneath me.

Work is tiring, and I’m not paid nearly enough to care as much as I do about it. I calmed down when I realized it’s not the end of the world. And I really aren’t paid enough to care too much.

But I was gifted two cupcakes today. And you know what? It made the day so much better.

I smiled at the end of it, because soon I’m returning to the environment in which I blossom and grow. I have so much to accomplish, and so little time to do it. But I can succeed, so long as I put my feet forward one step at a time.

After work I had a long chat with one of my best friends. 2016 just hasn’t added up to what we’ve needed. I suggested it was a prelude before a calm next year. Here’s to hoping I’m not wrong, and have some gift of premonition foresight.

Momma picked up a medicinal tea targeted to respiratory problems for me today. The taste is…bizarre. I’m not overly fond of it. However if it relaxes my lungs so I can breathe properly without strain, I’ll suffer through it.

Mondays are Mondays. Just four more days of work. And tomorrow I plan on calling my tattoo artist. It’s time for my next ink. 🙂