Thursdays with Mom (and ice melt!)

So we had to toss salt all over the driveway today. (Not table salt. Solar salt to melt the ice outside.)

Been binging on so much tv (Netflix) lately. The Crown, Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce…so much TV argh.

I need to start reading! And working out! And planning my life!

(Mostly the other two. I’m winging this life thing.)


Tiring,Tallied, Done

Or, rather, I’m drained with too much to do and trying to get it all done is kind of fucking awful.

Getting small things done.

Mom wanted to call and talk. ❤

So we did.

It was good to hear from her.

Bits and pieces. So tired. And overindulged in sweets. Oops. My day just wasn’t great. From waking up at 7:00am thinking my clock said 1:00pm- and not panicking. To my soup, frozen, exploding everywhere. To just no energy.

Perhaps tomorrow will be better…

Good Impressions

I’m still reeling on that fact.

I have two bogus classes. I’m losing lack of interest or faith in their credibility or usefulness.

But I’m still so shocked I’ve made even remotely a good impression like I have with such prestigious places like that.

I also have appointments coming up to discuss with instructors I’ve had- picking their minds and taking their advice into consideration.

It’s been…such a crazy last few days. I’m humbled, terrified, and hopeful.

Talked to mom. Talked to my best friend. Just…wow.

(Plus if I ever decide to take on graduate school within my degree sets- I know where I’d like to go. 😉 That won’t break the bank any more than necessary!)


So getting things done is only going so-so.

Headaches, early mornings. Let’s not forget the psychotic cockroach crawling around my room this morning.

Not what I needed.

I wouldn’t be surprised if I’ve poisoned myself with Raid a little bit. (Oops.)

Anyway. Possibly for opportunities I need to keep my eye out for. So we shall see how my luck fairs for the future ahead.

It’s time to start taking care of me. Whatever that entails. I’ll get to it. Time to build. Grow. Rejuvenate. And take the plunge.

Now if I could get guys off my back right now, I’d be happier.

And a trip to the cheaper grocery store.

Sad, though- some cousins were in town back home and I couldn’t see them. However they’ve opened their home to me back east if I manage to find myself that way for whatever reason life has. ❤

I’m a lucky young woman. I really am. 🙂

The Approach to Not Being Healthy (But Not Too Unhealthy)

In other words, womanly blessings of the month kept me from moving much today. And with that, I craved junk food galore.

However, not too much and too awful.

But dinner itself was Panda Express.

More so because I refuse to clean pots and pans not belonging to me that the other residents cannot clean after they’ve used them.

Called mom today. And it was nice. ❤

It tried to rain, too.

But the heatwave is starting to break some. 🙂

And I’m having a cold coffee, while watching Amazon Prime. It’s a good Sunday, despite being in total discomfort.

Fridays, Sleep, Arguments, Repeat.

I got to sleep in. During college, it’s vital to nab it while I can.

No homework was accomplished. However my phone has access to the wifi on campus. My best friend skyped with me for about three hours. It was needed, nice, and helped the both of us. It’s good to know one of your most precious people has your back.

And my mom and I had an argument about her grabbing my last paycheck.

Otherwise a quiet day. Grabbed coffee with my brother, and proceeded to grab food at the pub (I know, I know. My spending habits are so-so.)

Soups for the next week, and simple foods until I buy some actual things to prep meals.

Down to eating a meal a day again, kinda. (Oops.)

Breathing. Being. Slowly taking everything on a day at a time.

Sipping at some tea, reflecting. Relaxing. Feeling the day take its toll.

Thursdays, Phone Calls, Teaching, and Headaches

New internship opportunity might be available my way soon enough.

However I won’t swear by anything. Until then, I’ll work with school and trying to improve and prepare for the end of the semester and what comes beyond college.

I don’t need my mother nagging at me, though. I know what needs to be done. And I love and adore her to bits and pieces. But she doesn’t hear me when I speak, I swear.

Went to an event out at the outdoor stage. It was silly. Found a kind-of friend of mine. Gossiped, had fun and food. Sweet guy. Pretentious gay man, but sweet.

I collect them, too.

No classes tomorrow. Quick errand on campus, then coffee with my brother. Might invite the gay man. He may enjoy the coffee break too.

School is underway. 🙂

Moved In, For the Final Time

Moved back into the dorm, preceding a lack of sleep the night prior.

Oh it was a combination of a couple of things. Worry. Stress. Anxiety. A dream still nagging at me from the evening prior.

Not to mention, in my luck, he messages me out of nowhere wondering if I wanted to move to his region (over 2,000 miles mind you), because he needs a roommate.

Mind you, this was at midnight my time, when I’m hoping to crawl into bed.

So I was miffed, making it harder to fall asleep.

Now, however, here I am typing away in a room that is mine. All to myself. I have an early wake up tomorrow, and content by surprise.

I have yet to cry about being here alone. Or being separated from my mom. Each year it’s less hard to do.

But what will happen when I leave this state behind? And move permanently?

Time will tell. Infuriating as it is.