It Did Snow

But not much.

So we’re being lazy. Mom is napping, I’m on my computer. Listening to music and more music.

And procrastinating still.


Wednesday’s Surprises

Things went calm and smooth comparatively to Tuesday.

Mellow morning class. Followed by surprise pizza in the next. (Should have taken the free coffee and donut, not bought a bagel and coffee. Dammit.)

It was a mellow day all in all though. Felt less awful afterwards. But having stayed up the entire night preceding it, I napped for a while after classes.

Free pizza. That was totally unexpected.

Napping Away

I napped the afternoon away when classes were done.

Hypocritical, two-faced cunt.

Sorry, had to say it. One instructor is annoying as all hell. The class is bogus.

I don’t like being used as propaganda. Especially when it’s a moot point.

I digress. So I napped. Felt sick all day anyway. And tack on not eating properly, and I was in for a long day and night anyway.

So much to do. I don’t want to drink copiously this weekend. Grr.

Saturday Thunder

Metal. Naps. Clouds roiling in for hours; drifting in and out as the heat pounds away on this poor state.

I’m at peace, despite the lethargy I’m falling into due to the heat.

Appetite is drifting in and out. Heat is taking its toll. And still coughing.

But tonight while I showered, thunder rumbled. It was a sound of itself that was worth hearing.

And dangerous. But I digress. The change in weather I’ll welcome. Just hoping it doesn’t mean more fires around here…

Three weeks to go, until I’m back on campus.

And a friend found me on Instagram. Hm…