Getting ‘er Done

So yesterday I left out the infuriating headache brought on by a Scorpio. Flip. Flop. Flip. Flop.

That’s all he does!

He’s still in a relationship. Last I knew, anyway. Which was recent. However I’m plaguing his thoughts. He sees “potential” or “something there” with me.

And my intuition is rock solid saying “don’t go there, just let these eight weeks pass you by, and you can leave behind the headaches college has initiated.”

Broke or not.

I’m just…not ready for commitment?

This has nothing to do with the last relationship. If I can even call it that, really. Which is another entire issue I’ll discuss at the end of the year.

Right now, all I really, truly desire is to finish college. From there, return home and recover as I figure out the next move, whatever that may be.

I’m not looking for a relationship. And I sure as hell don’t do hookups.

So I’ll continue to flounder.

The evening outside is nice and cool. It’s nice, being out and about. No company. ❤

New email accounts. New Skype account.

Homework getting done piece by piece.

I’m getting there. 🙂

And so is my health. Slowly improving. I’m terrible at sticking to a cardio. One day, I’ll stay on top of it.


Documents Found

Well, digital versions anyway. I’d say that counts- no?

Anyway fighting through a headache. Currently hearing hounds howling, coyotes yowling, sirens blaring, and various other dogs barking in response.

Mom decided to throw a fit at me tonight anyway. More of because I was reluctant to make her pot of coffee if she fell asleep. While I was dragging my heels, she finally threw a tantrum rivaling my capabilities.

It’s not uncommon. She likes to say she doesn’t. Or that I’m wrong.

I love my mother, truly I do. But she’s a hypocrite. The older she gets, the worse it becomes.

So I’m sitting here in my room, about to grab my tea and chill in here. My window’s open. I just showered.

And the Scorpio’s back to talking to me. I’m either incredibly bored, or a terrible person. Of which I cannot decide between the two. However should he desire to grab coffee when I return to that college town, who am I to reject him this time? If nothing else it will get me out for a time.

Meanwhile I’m shaking my head, dealing with an ongoing headache. I’m just tired. And allergy riddled. And always surrounded by the same routine of hypocrisy no matter where I manage to venture.