Just Coloring

Avoiding messages. Waking up to random texts.

My shoes are here, and they fit perfectly.

Just missing a sweater. The slip I needed for a dress fits too- and it a little big. My tights should fit too.

And coloring.

I’m tired, and I haven’t really had a meal today. (Fuck me, right? But my appetite is gone.)

Ah well. Tomorrow will perhaps be more productive. (Besides groceries for Thanksgiving.)

Just coloring away. (I just want a coloring book- I’m not graded on that.)


Oh, Good

Well homework didn’t happen today. So I’m skipping my evening class tomorrow.

I did buy food. Snack-like and such. To keep me going through the rest of the semester.

And I did some cleaning. I have a dorm check tomorrow (out of nowhere they sprung it on us they have to happen, so I signed up for tomorrow evening.)

Good news is, one of the internships I’m after is still open. (Thank whatever deity of your choosing.)

I still have time.

$64.97 Down The Drain

I spent that much on a pair of heels.

They’re burgundy. And cute. And my feet are so small, the height of the heel won’t kill me…

I have no regrets. Kinda. Need to do homework and haven’t touched it in days.

I need to work out for four weeks though. Yikes.

I still need a slip and some tights or leggings, though.

Also I have advice- when ruining shoes, switch to wearing marshmallows. (Inside joke. I have good best friends. šŸ˜‰ )

Beanie Babies and Night Thunder

I bought three classic Beanie Babies for $5 each. And a Winnie the Pooh lanyard. šŸ™‚ Then proceeded to buy another college hoodie- but I love ’em so…

It’s currently thundering above me right now. It’s lovely. We haven’t had this much in prior years. So listening to it as a friend back home streams on Twitch is a good way to spend my evening.

Internships are opening now. And it’s a terrifying thing. My future is coming quicker than I’m really prepared for. That won’t stop me. But not getting on top of my course load like I should be will begin to hinder me sooner rather than later if I don’t get my act together.

So it’s time I start talking to teachers…oh joy…

Unproductive Mondays

I love it. I hate it. In the midst of the beginning of the semester, I can take full advantage of it.

However with this week, though, I need to be on my game to stay ahead. Tonight I’ll be focusing on getting files organized, looking over my icebreakers for tomorrow’s class. As well, I’ll be readying for whatever comes from my senior project class in the evening.

It’s all simple, so I’m not worried.

Been vegging, hunting for pots and pans to no success. However, I’ve found food deals on Amazon that may be worth it than hunting for food at the stores when I don’t have time.

Rather, what I need to hunt for is a good place to get a haircut. /:

With two cups of tea downed, and soup and snacks in my belly. I’ll continue to veg on some shows that keep my spirits lifted and mind inspired.

Productivity will come. ā¤

Suicide Squad

It was alright.

Not bad. Not great. But entertaining. And I got to see it for free. šŸ˜‰ Sorry to my friend that tagged along. But I found it to be some type of karmic justice for their attitude earlier today.

Shopping was only partly successful.

Everything was expensive.

I have no idea how I’m going to survive for a month food-wise, but IĀ will manage.

It’s hard to believe I leave on Sunday for my very last semester. It’s nerve-wracking. I’m so close to being done. But then what comes after, and the process of the clock counting down so quickly. It’s all a slew of chaos.

I’m used to chaos being normal for me. However it still brings a bout of uncertainty.

Just hanging on tight, and I’ll undoubtedly find my way.

Until then I’ll lose myself in my own insanity for a time and take the dives as they come. šŸ˜‰

Three Dresses, My Poor Body

More like the weight and shape make it increasingly hard to find a good one. But I’ve found three. Two fit me very nicely, another I need to tone and slim a little more.

Otherwise, it was hot. I spent over $60 today.

Tomorrow is Independence Day. And I’m unexpectedly expected to attend something or another…with the same group predominantly as I had done today.

To be honest I’d rather stay at home…

I don’t know. Maybe I’ll find a way to bail and relax at home. (Unfortunately I do need allergy meds…crap.)

It was a decent day. I could spiel into how I’m reflecting as people discuss and talk and their ideals and desires do not match mine…

But that would be redundant, no?