Thursdays with Mom (and ice melt!)

So we had to toss salt all over the driveway today. (Not table salt. Solar salt to melt the ice outside.)

Been binging on so much tv (Netflix) lately. The Crown, Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce…so much TV argh.

I need to start reading! And working out! And planning my life!

(Mostly the other two. I’m winging this life thing.)


The First of the Final Month

2017 will be here in 31 days. (More like 30, as I write this out.)

It’s insane. One year.

But before I get to that, let’s backtrack and focus on today.

I wasted my time last night on group activities. We never did anything with them. (And again, the damned cell phones. And the talking over me.)

But we’re done. They’re wrapping up their first semester, as I finish my last.

The first of December. It’s a strange thing to think about. And then the instructor for that course gave me a graduation present. A really cute, soft, lightweight scarf.

I was touched. 😥

Tomorrow is one of my best friends’ birthday. The year is ending in 30 days. I’ve no idea what I’m doing with my life, and I’ve no idea how I’m paying back over $30,000 in student loans.

But the world feels different today.

I got to see her and her new girlfriend today though. It was nice…to see a familiar face. 🙂

But now I sit, and watch time tick by. I don’t know how I’m going to finish, other than I will.


Stars in Orion

It’s been a long day.

And I’m tired, quiet, and irritated.

Boys (no offense to my readers, but hear me out)- I swear they do not have the capacity to think sometimes. We had about 6 things to cook today, me and two friends were together for the holiday.

And I had to nag and nag at them to get it done.

The ham was meh. Not great. Not awful, not great.

My cider was excellent, as were my potatoes and the cheesecake my brother and I made.

Good news- I can indeed cook…when not given questionable items. 😉

Now, however, I’m rather tired.

But on the way back, above all, what made my day/night spectacular; was not the food, nor the games. It was in the cold, watching the stars zip by among the constellation of Orion. Falling stars, shooting stars- meteors, even.

For once the stars were clear in this large town.

It brought about a calm within me. 🙂

Happy Thanksgiving. ❤

Disorganized, and Getting Crap For It

So I didn’t sleep well.

My freshmen didn’t sleep well. And I get some crap tossed my way because I wasn’t encouraging them to get set up by their instructor. Regardless she wouldn’t listen to the fact I was talking with one about registration. Regardless that the class wasn’t listening to me.

I’m so glad I’m done with that class. Good luck, freshmen. Some of you are going to have a bad time being an adult if you don’t change your attitudes or behaviors.

Grabbed coffee with two friends. Turned into beer with one after. (I needed it…)

Not boding well with someone finding me attractive right now. I’m just not. I’m shutting down due to everything I need to do, still. On everything I’m working on. On life. On stress.

I’m burned out. To make matters worse, a friend is going to see a movie we agreed to see together, without me.

He said we’d see it (him, again) when I got back.

But it’s the same damn thing. All the time, the same damn thing.

When will I learn. I just can’t get anything right, apparently.

Oh 2017, please bring me clarity and guidance in where I need to go and be.

Tired, Meeting- But Hey, A New Pen!

Had to schedule a meeting to go over how to apply for one of the internships I’m after.

It went okay. The coffee was terrible. Tasted like Keurig crap- and concentrated coffee is a big fat NOPE in my book.

But my pen came. Charged it. And it works just fine. ❤

Took a reprieve. Been watching Good Girls Revolt. If you have Amazon Prime, I do suggest you check it out!

Took a rest. It was necessary.

Thursday Meetings

All afternoon proceeding the class I’m aiding in.

I was such a bitch to one freshman- but he deserved it. Made him log into a computer rather than use his phone.

Otherwise it was smooth going. Getting lesson done. Getting things done. So little sleep though.

My diet consists of coffee nowadays. Sometimes healthy. Sometimes not.

I need to start doing yoga. Come Sunday I will.